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Credo Invest specializes in sophisticated TIG and MIG/MAG welding techniques, crafting both stainless steel and carbon products. They employ cutting-edge technologies, including laser cutting and CNC machining, to achieve precise metal processing. Their range of services encompasses extensive tasks such as grinding, metal finishing, drilling, and bending pipes and profiles. The company distinguishes itself through its dedication to innovation and the enhancement of production processes, guaranteeing the delivery of high-quality products. For further details, their official website offers more information.



The Quincy Sport line of functional equipment, established in 2011, is a fusion of enthusiasm, advanced technology, and distinctive product design. This combination has enabled the availability of our products in 120 countries worldwide.

Our Quincy Sport team boasts Olympic medalists eager to share their extensive experience with users. Our products are tailored to suit both seasoned professionals and beginners in functional training. Research in gyms has shown that only 2% of individuals could perform exercises meant for other equipment on the market. It raises a question: how many people can perform 10 different pull-up variations? Quincy Sport has turned its attention to the other 98%, creating hundreds of exercises of varying difficulty for this broader audience, without compromising the needs of professional athletes. Our equipment is designed for optimal use in personal, circuit, and group training.

Furthermore, a key objective of our project is to provide users the ability to customize equipment according to their preferences and the available space in their gym. Consequently, we have developed over 1000 unique equipment configurations, all characterized by exceptional functionality.



The Champions Ladder stands as a versatile treadmill, renowned for being an exceptionally effective cardio apparatus, excelling in calorie burn and enhancing both aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

It is designed for anyone passionate about sports, climbing, and a healthy lifestyle, catering to both professional athletes and amateurs.

During workouts, users can set various training objectives, such as simulating climbing mountains, volcanoes, or buildings, or they can participate in group sessions in the gym or remotely through the iChampion platform, which offers 3D Live Streaming and 3D VOD.

Given its timely introduction into the market, Champions Ladder aligns perfectly with the surging popularity of climbing treadmills and HIIT training equipment, making it a highly sought-after product.



IVE is a versatile outdoor training device, suitable for all ages and skill levels, ranging from teenagers to seniors, and including professional athletes. These devices boast a novel load regulation technology, enabling users to easily, quickly, and safely adjust the weight according to their training abilities.

In the realm of outdoor training equipment featuring adjustable loads, the competition is scarce, with only four companies globally offering similar solutions.



iGreenMill is the world’s first and only outdoor curved treadmill. iGreenMill has a revolutionary roller system that provides an amazing running experience for people of all ages – from children to adults and seniors.

The principle of the treadmill is simple: You want to go faster – go faster. You want to slow down – slow down. You want to stop – stop. Just like in life – you are the powerhouse of the iGreenMill treadmill.

You can freely control your pace thanks to the unique 32 rollers made of Italian stainless steel that work together with you to provide a professional sports experience. The perfectly curved running surface is designed so that the user can walk, run or perform more than 30 other exercises.



The Clock Line represents Quincy Sport’s inaugural and most elite product range. It’s anchored by the innovative Iron Halo System™, which has transformed how additional accessories and training components are mounted. Each device in this line features a stainless steel hourglass, acclaimed by users as an artistic masterpiece. The entire design is meticulously crafted to ensure that its components collectively form the world’s most functional construction.



Aquatic Ecosystem presents a pioneering and versatile training system, offering a limitless array of product configurations tailored to individual training needs and spatial availability.

This system enables users to choose from a wide variety of over 50 accessories and racks, essential for storing training equipment.

Moreover, the Aquatic Ecosystem is designed to be fully compatible with a broad range of popular training accessories, such as TRX, Bosu, Basket Bullet, Reebok Step, CrossCore, Stroops, Vipr, among others, ensuring versatility and adaptability in training setups.



The Rehabilitation Circle™ is a cutting-edge, multi-functional medical device designed for the comprehensive rehabilitation of the elderly and individuals of all ages who need effective rehabilitation methods. It’s ideally suited for rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and physiotherapy offices.

In 2012, 122 Labs™ initiated global research to develop a product that would not only be multifunctional for rehabilitation but also revolutionize exercise and healthcare for the elderly. Following five years of research, the Rehabilitation Circle™ was introduced, and by 2018, it was hailed as the most significant global innovation in rehabilitation.

This device features a safety strap that activates if a user stumbles or falls, enhancing safety. It also boasts a patented actuator system that allows easy adjustment of handrails with a single button on the main control panel, enabling users to tailor the handrails to their height for safe usage.

The rehabilitation path of the Rehabilitation Circle™ is highly adaptable, allowing patients to modify it to suit their specific needs, even mid-exercise.

Moreover, the Rehabilitation Circle™ comes with a 21-year commercial warranty covering structural integrity, assuring users of the highest quality and safety standards.



Basket Bullet balls are designed for those who draw inspiration from the lifestyles of athletes. With a commitment to a unique design, our aim was to craft a product that distinguishes itself in the market. The design draws heavy inspiration from the style of the NBA league.

The development process, spanning three years, focused on ensuring quality, refining details, and perfecting both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the balls to reach the ideal production-ready state.

In our pursuit to appeal to a wide market and to innovate, we sought to imbue the balls with a distinctive character. When held, they evoke a sense of intrigue and surprise – leaving users to wonder if they are holding a traditional basketball or, in fact, a medicine ball. This design approach aims to blend functionality with an innovative twist.


122 Labs

122 Labs is a technology company founded to honor Jeanne Calment, who lived until 1997, reaching the remarkable age of 122 years.

Our mission is to redefine aging so that living to 122 becomes a common occurrence, focusing on enhancing Cognition, Mobility, and Vitality throughout the aging process. We believe the tools we provide to medical professionals will significantly extend the average global lifespan and profoundly transform the lives of millions of older adults. Our goal is to elevate the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of geriatric diseases to levels never seen before.

Jeanne Calment, the longest-lived person with verified age records, experienced a life spanning 122 years and 164 days. Her lifetime witnessed remarkable events: at one year old, Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone, and the Eiffel Tower was constructed when she was 14. Throughout her life, she was actively engaged in sports, maintaining regular physical activity even in her later years. She enjoyed swimming, tennis, roller-skating, took up fencing at 80, and continued cycling past 100 years of age.



Jurassic Gyms represents a contemporary outdoor gym concept, featuring the innovative IVE training devices.

Regarded by sports equipment specialists as the gym of the future, Jurassic Gyms are deemed essential for societal health and well-being, especially during the ongoing pandemic and in the anticipated post-pandemic era.

The pandemic has led to significant health issues, not only during lockdowns but also afterward. Initially, people ceased physical activities in enclosed spaces due to infection fears, and later, many fell out of the habit of regular exercise. Consequently, there has been a 60% global reduction in fitness club attendance, a trend expected to persist throughout the pandemic.

To combat the declining health levels and rising average weights of populations, it’s crucial to provide a broad demographic with effective training alternatives. The Jurassic Gyms initiative aims to counter these alarming health trends and enhance the well-being of local communities.

Additionally, Jurassic Gyms focuses on the younger members of our communities, specifically children and teenagers aged 13-18. By offering access to quality sports training, Jurassic Gyms will foster healthy behavioral patterns for the future among this age group.